Radio Nacional de España interviews Goenaga on the occasion of the ARCO Madrid 2021 art fair

The program “Tarde lo que tarde” of Radio Nacional de España presented by Julia Varela has interviewed Juan Luis Goenaga on the occasion of the ARCO Madrid art fair 2021.

The interview took place in the fairground of ARCO, IFEMA.

During the interview, Juan Luis Goenaga, his son (and manager) Telmo Goenaga, and Julia Varela, discussed issues such as the presence of the painter’s work in Woody Allen’s latest film, Rifkin’s Festival, what opinion the artist has regarding the current art market, the influence of the pandemic on it, the irruption of digital channels in the art market, how he does not consider himself a “dark” painter or the influence of the state of mind in the process of the works.

To see the full podcast, click here.

In the following video you can find a fragment of the interview published by “Tarde lo que tarde” on his Instagram profile.