20 “Eskulanes” in small format at Ekain Arte Lanak

Ekain Arte Lanak has selected 20 small-format works of the “Eskulan” technique by Goenaga, for the “guest artist” section of the gallery.

The “Eskulan”, so named because it is a work on handmade paper, is a technique already known in the artist. He began with it in the 90s, while he was studying rock art, archeology, Romanesque art or geology in depth. Many of them were started in that decade and recently completed. Among the materials that make up the work are oil, pigments or waxes among others… Abstracts predominate, although figures appear as is usual in Juan Luis’s painting. The color palette that this sample has is extensive, mixing both bright and cold colors. Some with more texture and material and others with less.

It is a sample of 20 pieces, which together with the frame measure 30×40 cm, available in the “guest artist” section of Ekain Arte Lanak.